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Insights on Maritime Leadership


Episode-1: 'Who is a Leader?' (Dec'18)

Episode-2: 'How to lead a happy ship?' (Dec'18)

Episode-3: 'Lead your Safety Culture' (Dec'18)

Episode-4: 'Precautions against Piracy' (Jan'19)

Episode-5: 'Maritime Statistics' (Jan'19)

Episode-6: 'Heuristics for Decisions' (Feb'19)

Episode-7: 'Safety Intervention' (Apr'19)

Episode-8: 'Can we trust your leadership?' (Jul'19)

Episode-9: 'Titanic Lessons' (Sep'19)

Episode-10: 'Fatigue' (Oct'19)

Episode-11: 'Alcohol' (Oct'19)

Episode-12: 'Key Performance Indicators' (Dec'19)

Episode-13: 'Caribbean Fantasy' (Jan'20)

Episode-14: 'MBA - Management by walking around' (Nov'20)

Episode-15: 'Safety Culture' (Nov'20)

Episode-16: 'Defining Leadership' (April '21)


Topics for you to play during Tool-Box Meetings


Episode-1: 'What's a Take-Two?' (Dec'18)

Episode-2: 'The value of Tool-Box Meetings' (Dec'18)

Episode-3: 'Hard Hats protect Smart Heads' (Jan'19)

Episode-4: 'Cold Weather Safety' (Jan'19)

Episode-5: 'Slips, Trips & Falls' (Feb'19)

Episode-6: 'Lock-out/ Tag-out' (Mar'19)

Episode-7: 'Angle-Grinder Safety' (May'19)

Episode-8: 'Hot-Weather Safety' (Jun'19)

Episode-9: 'Tropical Disease Prevention' (Jul'19)

Episode-10: 'Safety Slogans' (Dec'19)

Episode-11: 'Mooring Safety' (Jan'20)

Episode-12: 'Hot Work on Container Ships' (Oct'20)


Conversations with, by & for Maritime Professionals


Episode-1: Dr. Nippin Anand, Root Causes & KPIs (Mar'20)

Episode-2: Michael Virardi, Communication & Public Speaking (Mar'20)

Episode-3: Erik Green, Safety Culture (Mar'20)

Episode-4: Captain Ed Verbeek, Shiphandling Skills (Apr'20)

Episode-5: Captain Zarir Irani, Mindsets for Marine Surveying (Apr'20)

Episode-6: Captain John Konrad, Deepwater Horizon (Apr'20)

Episode-7: Apostolos Belokas, Shipboard Manuals & Training (May'20)

Episode-8: Ronny Waage, Digital Innovation & Maritime Entrepreneurship (May'20)

Episode-9: Capt. David (Duke) Snider, Ice Navigation (May'20)

Episode-10: Capt. Brendan O'Shannassy, Superyachts (Jun'20)

Episode-11: Dr Matt Offord, Leadership Training (Jun'20)

Episode-12: Eric Holliday, Fish Safety (Jul'20)

Episode-13: Chirag Bahri, Seafarer Helpline (Aug'20)

Episode-14: Dr Guy Champniss, Behavioural Science (Aug'20)

Episode-15: Tabitha Logan, Captain's Table event (Sep'20)

Episode-16: Lars Bergqvist, Maritime Piracy off West Africa (Dec'20)

Episode-17: Dr Sidney Dekker, Safety Differently (Jan'21)

Episode-18: Dr Nicholas Mabbott, Sleep Science (Feb'21)

Episode-19: Terje Lovoy, Designing Procedures & Checklists (Mar'21)


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