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paperbacklaying 500x300GOLDEN STRIPES - BY VS PARANI

GOLDEN STRIPES was written so that the best in management and expertise building skills are now accessible to the professional mariner.
Motivation instils the right mind-sets. The right mind-set guide the acquisition of necessary expertise and skills. Expertise influences self-confidence and behaviour. The right behaviour gives the right results. GOLDEN STRIPES is an endeavour to stimulate the right motivation in the mariner to deliver great results.
GOLDEN STRIPES on his uniform signify the importance of a mariner and what makes him even more respected are his professional actions which ensure the safety of assets worth millions of dollars, several thousand lives and that of the environment. It is easy to lose that regard when mistakes are made- the cases of Costa Concordia, Sewol, Rena and Exxon Valdez are just a few grim reminders!
I am sure you agree that the world expects highly-motivated seafarers to run our ships but are sources of self-motivation sufficient? Browsing through several bookstores, I found quite a few self-help books on management and leadership but none in the context of shipping! Feeling this void, I believed that my experience of over two decades in the shipping industry, having closely interacted with hundreds of seafarers, gave me the necessary background to take on this project. I have included researched material from industrial and organizational psychology, management and human-factors, as well as case-studies from my experience in this book. I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!
Full of practical tools, best practices and experience-sharing, the book aims to motivate the seafarer to achieve his maximum potential. Topics include development of expertise, self-motivation techniques, having the right mind-sets, leadership and teamwork mechanisms, communication skills and practical application of safety management systems. The book is designed for everyday reading, and therefore in a light, reader-friendly format.
Shipping does not need more regulation, it just needs more of the right mind-sets. I hope this book finds itself in the close company of every seafarer; if by applying the suggestions in this book the mariner can adapt his mind-set, approach his job and life in a more resourceful way, I consider this book a success.

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Multimodal Transport: A Boxful of Rules? - BY VS PARANI

boxful new cover

Boxful of Rules is a legal critique of current multimodal transport laws. The book is a spin-off from my dissertation for my Master’s Degree in Business Law which specialized in International Trade Law and Private International Law. I have though, with the inclusion of case-studies, illustrations, and my natural easy style, made the book a good reading for anyone interested in the subject.

World trade is at an all-time high. Most goods are now transported in boxes, or containers. Finished goods, and even raw materials in containers move through ship, road, rail and road; over 560 million containers a year alone. With such high volumes of transport, cargo losses and delays are an arithmetic certainty the global financial impact of cargo loss is estimated to exceed USD 50 billion annually.

With such losses, shippers and consignees are faced with questions such as who to sue in the event of delay in delivery, loss of, or damage to the goods? Where to sue? How much is the carrier liable for? With multiple modes of transport and different carriers, the questions of liability become very complex to determine. This translates into increased insurance and litigation costs, estimated at 500 million Euro per year in Europe alone.

As I researched, it became clear that many practitioners of multimodal transport are also perplexed by this situation but reluctantly accepted the status-quo. Digging deeper, I came to realise that the persons most affected by the legal situation are the end-users who ultimately paid the cost of such inefficiency.

This book is my attempt at understanding the complexity of multimodal transport laws. The book is widely researched, and includes a commentary on the legal situation in Europe, as well as an analysis of the situation in the U.S.A. and other major shipping centres around the world. Currently available books or scholarly articles look at one aspect of the multimodal transport law or tend to focus heavily on one area, the European situation for example.  

I hope this book will find a place in the libraries of transport operators, shippers, consignees and students of logistics and multimodal transport law.

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